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Gritty New York – New Work


A lot has happened to me since I last posted, and I am dying to get back in the “Online Sphere” to share my new work and get back out there.

Now I live with my “eccentric” boss and the “maintenance man,” who does absolutely no maintenance, except perhaps of my boss’ body–if you know what I mean–in a crumbling townhouse in Greenwich Village. Very Grey Gardens-esque, which has always been a dream lifestyle of mine, if you know anything about me. (But also a real nightmare in real life.) So my new, gritty bohemian Greenwich Village lifestyle has been influencing my latest work a lot, and I’d like to show it off to You now.

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My Trip to Gloomy Coney Island

I’ve been dying to take winter photos at Coney Island and I finally went this past weekend. I didn’t quite capture the gloominess that I had been hoping for, but it was still pretty fun. Hopefully, I’ll go back and really use it to it’s full potential, you know?

(The pictures ZOOM!!)

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Movie Star

After trying so hard to find new models all summer, I’ve pretty much run out of options. So, I simply had to get back to my roots and stick to what works – ME. As you might know, I’m a big fan of taking pictures of myself. And, since I couldn’t even find someone to be an extra, I just used myself over and over again. (That’s right – it’s me talking to me!) I had fun with them, let me know what you think! (Please). Continue reading

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I’ve decided to move my blog from blogger to wordpress, just to do a little scientific comparing. I’ve had my blog on blogspot for three long years, but after having success with publishing my other site  with wordpress (which turned into, I decided to try it out! I hope you like it!

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Lady of the Lake

Since it’s nearing the end of summer, I thought it would be nice to post these ultimate summer pictures I took today. Nothing special – not an actual photo shoot or anything, just my friend and old roommate, Liz. So summery, so refreshing!

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Chicken Run

Remember how I teased you guys with the last post? Well, congratulations on waiting it out – it’s finally here! This summer my friend, Netanya, adopted a pet chicken named Ami. Of course, Netanya took Ami home the day before she had to go away on a trip sooo … I got to take care of Ami! We had a lot of fun. Ami had curled toes (it’s a common problem. Who knew?) which I made little shoes for. It was great. Anyway, Netanya absolutely adores Ami, so we had to do a photo shoot showing off how in love they are. It turned out very sweet (I think).

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